Embarking on a new chapter with Checkatrade, TradesPro shares the details of our inaugural job, highlighting the experience gained and the exciting prospects ahead. While our expertise has long centred around bathroom fitting, TradesPro is now expanding its horizons, offering high-quality handyman services manned by skilled professionals ready to tackle any task at any time.

The Challenge

Our initiation into Checkatrade’s network began with a unique assignment — the removal of a large and weighty oak desk from an upstairs bedroom. The desk, a testament to fine craftsmanship, posed a formidable challenge with its robust construction involving a combination of glue and screws. To navigate this challenge, some parts of the desk had to be skillfully cut to ensure it could be safely manoeuvred down the stairs.

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Executing the Task

TradesPro’s team of adept tradespeople approached the task with precision and finesse. Understanding the intricacies of the well-built oak desk, they skillfully dismantled and cut it as necessary, ensuring its structural integrity remained intact. The meticulous process culminated in the complete disassembly of the desk, neatly loaded into the customer’s car ready for transport to the recycling centre.

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Adapting to Change

This successful foray into diversified services signifies TradesPro’s commitment to adaptability and customer satisfaction. While our core strength lies in bathroom fitting, the decision to branch out into high-quality handyman services reflects our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our clientele. The experience gained from this unique job reinforces our belief in the importance of versatility in the trades industry.

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Looking Forward

As TradesPro looks ahead, the positive outcome of our first Checkatrade assignment fuels our anticipation for future collaborations. The platform has proven to be a valuable avenue for connecting with customers seeking reliable and skilled tradespeople. With newfound expertise in dismantling and assembling, TradesPro is poised to do more meaningful work through Checkatrade, establishing a strong foothold in the high-quality handyman services sector.


TradesPro’s journey with Checkatrade, from dismantling a challenging oak desk to assembling a new one, underscores our commitment to excellence and adaptability. As we celebrate this milestone and look forward to the future, TradesPro remains dedicated to providing top-notch services that exceed customer expectations. With Checkatrade as a partner in our journey, the possibilities are vast, and TradesPro is ready to make a lasting impact in the world of high-quality handyman services.

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