Handyman Job in Aylesbury

Painting and Decorating, Shed door repair and more for a customer in Aylesbury

A Comprehensive Handyman Job in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

At TradesPro, we take pride in our ability to address a diverse range of home improvement tasks. Recently, we had the opportunity to assist a valued customer in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, with a multifaceted project that showcased our expertise in various trades. Here’s a breakdown of the work we undertook.

Decorating the Front Room

The first part of the project involved rejuvenating the customer’s front room. While the walls were structurally sound, they had been marred by the residue of a smoky candle. The customer also decided to introduce a fresh color scheme to breathe new life into the space.

To accomplish this, we meticulously applied three coats of paint to both the walls and ceiling. Additionally, all woodwork received a light sanding and two coats of Dulux satinwood, enhancing the room’s overall aesthetic. As a standard practice when working in rooms with carpets, we diligently utilized a stick-down carpet protector and meticulously taped all edges. Despite the presence of sizable furniture items, we took great care to protect and, when necessary, move them. While an empty room is ideal for painting, we understand that it’s not always feasible to relocate large furniture items.

Decorated room in Aylesbury
Aylesbury Shed door repair

Fixing the Shed

The customer also had a shed in need of attention. The shed door had detached, and the doors were misaligned due to the shed’s uneven foundation. Our solution involved re-leveling the shed to ensure stability before reattaching the door. It’s worth noting that at TradesPro, we have extensive experience in shed repairs, including roof refelt and rubber roofing installations.

Changing UPVC Window Handles

A common issue we encountered during this project was the malfunctioning UPVC window handles. Over time, these handles can become loose or suffer from mechanical breakdowns, leading to difficulties in opening and closing windows. Fortunately, in most cases, this problem is resolved by replacing the handle. We sourced the necessary handles, typically available from Screwfix, ensuring a variety of options to match the customer’s existing window handles. In this instance, we replaced two handles, each priced at £40 for the first handle and £30 for any additional handles.

UPVC window handle removed
UPVC Window Handle removed
Newly installed double-glazing widow handle in Aylesbury
Changing window handle
white window lock


Zinc construction. Finger grips on lever for comfortable use. Easy to fit with 90° stop concealed within the rose.



Universal espagnolette uPVC window handle supplied with a choice of 5 clip-in spindle lengths (9, 15, 30, 43 and 55mm). The rose conceals an internal 90° stop which prevents the gearbox from over-stressing, whilst a colour-matched, edge-to-edge screw cap covers the whole of the rose, resulting in a handle with minimal, modern sight lines. The ergonomic push-button assembly offers effortless operation. Finger grips provide optimum comfort. Manufactured from a high-performance zinc alloy.

Solving a Bathroom Paint Peeling Problem

Lastly, we tackled a paint peeling problem in the bathroom, a common issue in moisture-prone environments. This particular problem likely resulted from a combination of excess bathroom moisture and improper paint application. It appeared that a correct mis-coat hadn’t been applied to the walls, preventing the paint from properly adhering to the plastered surface beneath.

Our solution involved meticulously removing all loose paint, applying a suitable mis-coat, and subsequently adding two top coats. This not only resolved the peeling issue but also ensured a durable, moisture-resistant finish that will stand the test of time.

At TradesPro, we’re committed to delivering high-quality craftsmanship across various trades, ensuring that our customers’ homes remain in top-notch condition. We take pride in addressing a wide range of tasks, from painting and decorating to shed repairs and window handle replacements. If you have similar home improvement needs or any other projects in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to transform your vision into reality.


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