What is TradesPro unique selling point?

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting, services include, tiling and plumbing

Here at Trades Pro, we pride ourselves on having a creative and authentic approach to bathroom and kitchen fittings. With the Trades Pro Way setting our values and beliefs as a collective, in today’s blog article we discuss our unique selling points.

With a longer and more in depth design process in comparison to competitors, Trades Pro has a fantastic relationship with a range of interior designers which offer an amazing design process and product knowledge. With the Bathrooms looking notably more outstanding, Trades Pro prides itself on a collaborative design effort, taking your bathroom to the next level. By having a Trades Pro fitter and an interior designer, we have assembled the dream and by playing to each other strengths and having another person share things you might not had thought about- the overall finish is to a much higher standard.

When choosing to work with Trades Pro, you as a customer get a better deal on fitting process and still get the high-end showroom finish! Trades Pro can also try to price match bathroom and kitchens from other major kitchen suppliers, for example Ren and Wickes. With the Trades Pro Way placing top quality at the forefront of all major decisions, Trades Pro is naturally sailing above the usual standard to bathroom and kitchen fitting for the amazing price we offer. With kitchens and bathroom at a higher quality and lower price, why wouldn’t you go with Trades Pro to get that boutique finish?

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