What does longevity mean to Tradespro?

Well first of all what do we mean by longevity? The dictionary defines longevity as the “long existence or service”. For many in the kitchen and bathroom fitting business, this is not something that ranks high on the list – it’s aesthetic, ease of installation, and even margin. For Richard and the rest of the TradesPro team, longevity is an absolutely key element of the bathroom and kitchen fitting service.


Longevity is used in three ways at TradesPro. Firstly it means that the products and parts will last a long time, secondly, this will mean that the kitchen or bathrooms style will last longer and not date as quickly. Thirdly this will overall be a financial gain, as longevity will ensure that the life span of the bathroom is much longer than your average kitchen or bathroom

One way that TradesPro Way incorporates longevity is by removing all of the hidden leftover pipes. Although something you can’t see on the surface, underneath floors or in walls, are often pipes left over the years. Neglected by the previous tradesmen, old copper pipes with flux around them begin to turn green and erode. Whilst plumbers are advised to clean the flux off before putting in any new pipes or products, most ignore this tiny but important detail. A surprise green pipe jungle under the floorboards is something the TradesPro despise the most.



What does this mean in practice?

Again, there are three main ways that this tends to manifest itself.

Firstly, when placing flooring down that will last 50 years, the original copper turning green pipes won’t last as long and will result in lower lasting power. The speed fit system that TradesPro utilises has a fifty-year guarantee. By pushing the kitchen and bathroom lifespan to the max, the team consider every element of how to preserve the room.

Secondly, once again, it also comes down to the design process. Because it is part of the TradesPro Way, to involve an interior designer as a core part of the design process, longevity of function and form is central to the outcome before a tool has been picked up. It is quite literally ‘designed in’ to the outcome as part of the process.


And finally, it comes down to the products and components used. A great outcome is created by the right inputs and a strong process. TheTradesPro Way provides a very strong process, but it counts for little if the products being used are not as durable and reliable as they are aesthetically pleasing and aligned to the interior design concept. Here at TradesPro, we have handpicked a full spectrum of high-quality products which will stand the test of time and meet our longevity standards.



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