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When producing a top end interior designed kitchen or bathroom, every detail must be perfect. From the more obvious elements being the sinks, surfaces and counters, the TradesPro team think much further than the usual installer.

Over time, copper pipes with flux around it will start to turn a green colour and begin to erode. With chrome, its life span is much longer and gives a crisp silver colour.

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For instance here at TradesPro exposed pipework is something we try to avoid, as with modern kitchens and bathrooms it is much more aesthetically pleasing to either conceal the pipes or have attractive designer joints. If your kitchen or bathroom is that of a traditional style, there is always a way round getting the desired outcome to create a fantastic finish. Even with smaller details of the tails of radiators, TradesPro will always bring them up in chrome rather than copper, for both stylistic and practical reasons.

TradesPro Way

Richard who is the owner of TradesPro first discovered this way of finish on his travels in Italy. After admiring a wall hung sink, he felt inspired by the beautiful and simplistic joints and isolating valves, and began to source places in the UK that stocked this standard of parts. Making the decision to either conceal or embrace the pipes in your bathroom is something you can discuss with the TradesPro team, with either option you won’t have to see the pipes going into the wall, nor worry about the cleaning maintenance.

The TradesPro Way and creating that fantastic finish involves looking at every minute detail of your kitchen or bathroom upgrade. This really does start with the design. The TradesPro Way goes much further than looking at a floorplan and fitting in amenities and storage.

Here at TradesPro, we recognise that every space is different and every client is looking to use that space is their own unique way. So for every project, we will have a very detailed discussion with you about exactly how you want to use the space, suggest our own thoughts and ideas based on our experiences elsewhere.

We then we create a design with a professional interior designer which goes alongside our vast fitting knowledge and experience to create the best possible design concept, while not forgetting about the all important storage and other functionality required in your brief.

We have found that this thorough approach is the best way to ensure that customers have their dream bathroom or kitchen made into a reality. A twin emphasis on both function and form, right from the very start and all the way through to the finish.


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