TradesPro Way

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting, services include, tiling and plumbing

With quality, craftsmanship, luxury at the forefront of Trades Pro values, The Trades Pro Way perfectly summaries and embodies the high level of work you are guaranteed when you use of services. From Bathroom to Kitchens; the planning, installation and finishing touches- Trades Pro will be there every step of the way, providing highest level of parts and service. With interior designed plans and specially chosen bathroom and kitchen parts, every aspect of your new build will be considered. The Trades Pro Way isn’t just a saying, it’s a set beliefs that every Trade Pro team member strives towards.

TradesPro’s Approach to a fantastic finish

When producing a top end interior designed kitchen or bathroom, every detail must be perfect. From the more obvious elements being the sinks, surfaces and counters, the Tradespro team think much further than the usual installer.


What does longevity mean to TradesPro?

In the dictionary, longevity is defined as the “long existence or service”. For Richard and the rest of the Tradespro team, longevity is a key element of the bathroom and kitchen fitting service.


What does the kitchen or bathroom installation process involve?

When it comes to Kitchen fitting, Trades Pro pays particular attention the beginning part of the process, the planning. Creating your dream kitchen and bathroom is a creative collaborative effort with an interior designer and the fitting team.


What is TradesPro unique selling point?

Here at Trades Pro, we pride ourselves on having a creative and authentic approach to bathroom and kitchen fittings. With the Trades Pro Way setting our values and beliefs as a collective, in today’s blog article we discuss our unique selling points.